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About Advent Youth Media

Facebook as seen on a typical international phone

Facebook as seen on a typical international phone

We publish religious┬ácontent to an international audience who access the internet on low-speed mobile (Edge/2g/3g) connections and Facebook “Free Basics” users who don’t have full internet access.

Media is converted to an appropriate format which makes it accessible in countries where data bundles are expensive and media is often viewed on a 2 inch screen.

People in developing countries do not have the same internet experience as you!

We also provide secure Email, Instant Messaging (IM) and other services for our users in countries where their lives may be endangered by obtaining and possessing religious content.

Everyone working on these projects is a volunteer. We have no paid staff.

If you appreciate our work, please donate! Every cent of every dollar given goes directly to pay for network resources and connectivity.

Please consider using the ‘recurring’ option to help us cover monthly server expenses if you are able. But if not, we’re happy to take whatever you’d like to give— we’ll put it to good use!

Thank you very much!

-Advent Youth Media Staff

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